Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Update for the Fans and Friends

Just an update for everyone. I will be going back out on the road some time this summer to promote my new album, Billy Dean Sings Richard Leigh. We are thinking about releasing a single for radio, so hopefully you'll get a chance to hear some new music.

I just returned from Napa Valley where I did a new photo shoot with the famous photographer Jim Shea. This guy is amazing and has shot all of my heroes, like James Taylor, Jackson Brown, The Eagles, etc... I will post some of the pics very soon. I should have the artwork completed for the new album soon and posted in a couple of days. I can't wait to get your feedback on the new album.

The response has been great regarding the live DVD recording. I haven't set a date yet because I want to make sure there is enough notice for those who want to attend.

If any of you want me to come to your area to perform, there is a new site you should check out: Eventful. This site is a valuable tool for both you and me in terms of planning and routing my dates. It's exciting to think I may get the chance to reconnect with fans in person, and to have new music to perform.

Also, I wanted to let you know our website is a work in progress and I do appreciate your feedback as we go forward. Get ready for some new music, new photos...it's on the way.

On another note, I've been writing with Robin Meade. Robin is the headline news anchor on CNN. Her show is called Morning Express with Robin Meade. Robin has a new book coming out in September called Morning Sunshine. She and I wrote a song and recorded it last weekend here in Nashville. You might catch a podcast on her site of us in the studio.