Friday, April 3, 2009


Finding the right sponsorships in your local community will have a lot to do with your popularity. Your music and your live performance must be reactive, creating a buzz around your local scene. Get to know everything you can about the fans you have and stay connected, building your online community. Keep track of valuable info, such as the average age of your fans, what's the female to male ratio, what do they do for a living, or where do they go to school, where do they shop? Take this information and meet with local merchants such as a skateboard shop, a local music store, a coffee shop, a t-shirt shop, anyone you think your fans may do business with and work out a trade with them.

Why do you need sponsorships? Sponsorships allow the band to expand its brand, fund the music projects and upgrade tech. and transportation needs, in order to move into bigger venues in surrounding markets. What's in it for the sponsor? The band offers personal appearances for the sponsor, sharing its community of fans and bringing exposure to the sponsor’s products, helping to create new customers for your sponsor. If you are to succeed, you must apply your creativity in areas outside of music. I realize this may not be as fun as playing the gigs, writing and recording the music, but the power in our industry has shifted back to the artist, and you either step up and claim this empowerment and take control of the business of music, or else you will lose this golden opportunity to own and control your music.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this info about obtaining sponsorship as well as how the sponsors you obtain help an artist. I'd also like to say that I received your message on Facebook about the upcoming DVD taping that you are planning to have this year and would like to be one of the audience members in attendance.