Thursday, February 12, 2009


This is the first in a series of blogs I will be posting in order to lend advice to those who are interested in achieving national recognition and creating a business model to get there. I will be discussing pitfalls to avoid, answers to frequently asked questions and will hopefully offer a road map that will ensure success. I will use the example of a band, but the same rules will apply to the solo artist as well. I use the band scenario because it is the most difficult to hold together. In essence, it is a democracy of a group of independent-thinking individuals, making compromises in order to achieve a specific goal.

The first question usually is "How do we get started?” I will begin with the basics that a band needs to fulfill its goals.

All too often, we have big dreams, big plans, but we are missing the small, mundane details that get us there. Paying attention to these small details can make a big difference, and you can avoid fighting within the group. Remember, you are a democracy, as well as business partners, and no individual is as important as the sum of the whole.

Define the goal of the band.
If the goal is to compete on the National Scene, each member must be dedicated to his* craft and instrument. The road map to the ultimate goal takes sacrifice, dedication, and execution. You should hold a meeting to see if you have the right members, people who are willing to go "all the way". Some members may have bigger responsibilities, such as: family, kids or a good job that doesn't allow them to be flexible to pursue such a goal. In that case, they should treat music as a hobby they can enjoy with others in similar situations on a local level only...and that's ok. The band has to share one common goal, upon which they all must agree.

Next Post: Steps 2 and 3 to getting started

* used in this context is referring to the universal usage meaning both his and/or her. I do this only for the sake of continuity. In no way is meant to discourage women, or imply they are not in bands.

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  1. Billy,

    Jim Pasquale and I were in the studio the other day and found a killer song by the name of ( let it rain or midnight blue ) you did the demo on it and we both think it's a winner. I would love for you to hear it again and get your feedback on this song. It is very nice to see what you are up to with this sight, I think this is the new way to get around all of the red tape on Music Row...keep up the good work man!

    Keith Daley