Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's important to understand the commerce needs of local businesses and how you can help them help you. Not only are you a band of artists, you are a small business owner, and you need the support of the local community to attract the attention of the national community. For example, a club owner wants to sell liquor, radio stations want to sell advertisement, and your band wants to sell music. You'll have to learn to accept criticism and rejection during this process. When you're discussing business and the commerce it is important to set aside personal feelings about your music and just talk business. Business is numbers and results.

For example, if you're playing a club and the owner thinks you should play more covers and less originals, this is not a "slam" on you original music. The club owner is just trying to sell alcohol and needs patrons. Another example: if the local radio station won't play certain songs of yours because the production value needs work or the song doesn't fit, they are just trying to increase listeners ...learn from that.

You need support from your local media and local merchants to grow your fan base. When the local radio station starts to give you some airplay and support, this will help increase your attendance at the club. By increasing the club's business, they in turnwill usually increase their media buys, which helps the radio station and you. Stay loyal to the radio station that supports you in the beginning and the club that's giving you a gig.

You're now becoming the hottest thing in town!

By increasing your following, you have increased your leverage as a small business in the community. Your band now has a high profile and local celebrity status in which the community, as a whole, has a stake.
Work with the radio station's promotions director to make appearances at even larger upcoming events, such as opening for a headliner.

Assuming you've made some hard choices, honed your show and set list, writing and producing better music, you are well on your to the next level: SPONSORSHIPS, which I will cover in my next Blog.


  1. Exactly. Though the music business has grinded into an infinite array of mini-epicenters it is that 'epicenter' that has always fueled and encouraged artistry.

    To sacrifice community loyalty on the altar of immediate advancement is a sin that will be sure to find you out.

    alan / redpepperland.com

  2. Well put Alan. Anything that happens fast has strings. Success is an investment. Community holds you accountable and refines you as you grow.

  3. Billy and Stephanie,
    It was great meeting you guys, and "Harold," at the lake. I think you guys and Robin should go on tour!!
    We have loved and followed your music for a long time. Keep up the good work and please let us know when you get back down. Will send you the pics when we get them!
    Billy and April